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Floor Straightening and Structural Support

Our Telescoping Jack Post system is ideal for correcting sagging floors and basement beams. Providing secondary support for room additions and remodeling projects. Correct those dips and weak spots in your floors today!

Signs That a House Might Have Structural Damage

A sagging floor is the biggest telltale sign that there are issues within the structure of your home.

Doors that stick or drag on the floor, cracked walls or ceilings, beams that bow, and cracks in the foundation are also signs that can indicate structural damage within a house.

Why do they fail sometimes?

In residential homes, most floor joists come from natural or engineered wood. These joists are sometimes doubled or even tripled to give extra load capacity depending on where in the house and what the building codes require. So why do they fail sometimes?

There are 3 main reasons for floor joists failing.

The first is the loss of integral strength due to crawl space moisture. Oftentimes, crawl spaces contain moisture from exposed damp ground, groundwater flooding, and outside humidity. This dampens and weakens the wood, leading to fungus and wood rot.

Another reason joists fail is due to water damage.

If a house has a plumbing leak, it can cause wood to deteriorate more rapidly. And to compound it, if a joist already sags, water will naturally expedite the damage and movement.

The last common reason for floor joist failure is termites. Termite infestations in homes can cause significant damage to the structure of homes, leading to sagging floors.

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